Air-Rey Service, LLC
Dallas, Texas



Design, plan, and manage HVAC projects including analyzing the project scope and
determining the project specifications, upgrade designs, and implement changes on
existing units according to specifications for all residential and commercial projects and
train sales, and service personnel as needed. Prepare documents, including plans and
specifications for different types of HVAC installations and bids. Prepare and/or review
business proposals and operational budget. Design air distribution systems including
writing technical product specifications and cooling/heating load calculations. Create,
implement, and/or review residential and commercial installation processes and/or
protocols to efficiently utilize materials, methods, and personnel. Maintain project
documentation records in compliance.
Bachelors degree or equivalent in Product Design, Mechanical or Industrial Engineer or
related field, and one-year experience in project management. Fluent in Spanish a plus.



Submit CV to Vanina Vega, Office Manager, Air-Rey Service LLC, 11140 Petal St. Suite 500,
Dallas Texas 75238,



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